Saturday, March 26, 2011

Somebody's Not Paying Attention

I get a chuckle out of this... somehow reminds me of a young singer and the backup trio. The young deer on the left is so hungry he's/she's not paying attention to what the others have spotted.

Striking the Pose

Something's up but too soon to wave the alarm! These are such magnificent animals. How can anyone delight in killing one FOR SPORT?

An Afternoon Nibble

Soon the snows will all be gone.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anticipation of Spring 4

Takes but one little chickadee to capture her undivided attention. I swear we could set fire to the fence she's sitting on and she wouldn't notice.

Anticipation of Spring 3

Our Lady of Perpetual Motion takes a break on a fence rail now that the meter of snow has melted from it.

Anticipation of Spring 2

I love watching squirrels do their thing... I just wish they'd do it outside where they belong. Our old house (150+ years) has more "squirrel entrances" than we can find or plug. The things you have to put up with when you choose to live in peace and quiet in the country... clean air... clean water... and that good stuff.

Anticipation of Spring 1

This pesky number has finally emigrated from our walls and attic to do what he does best - raid the birdfeeder.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Might be July Before We See Grass Again

Snow - rain - snow - rain again... and on and on and on. The snow's so deep it's almost to the top of some windows and doors. Sure hope it doesn't melt quickly!