Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long-leaved Chickweed

These little stars peek like LEDs from the shadows of the taller grasses and shrubbery.

Orange Hawkweed

It's pure delight to see fields full of these cartoon-bright "weeds" waving in the breezes.

Tufted Vetch

I think this purple creation is saddled with an unglamourous name... but I find it most vetching anyway.

Yellow Salsify among the Oxeye Daisies

The yellow salsify's flower looks much like a small dandelion. It seems to last only a few hours before it goes to seed.

Wildflowers 1

Everything here but the kitchen sink!

Riding the Rails 1 & 2 & 3

End of long and exciting day. Snow is all gone except for in the shadows and "stuff" is starting to show some life. Here, Miss "S" is deep in thought about something... either that or she's content to have her paws on something other than sopping wet, cold muck!

Approximately 69 days later (Apr 24, 2011 - July 2, 2011) this flat, dormant field has exploded into a vernal jungle of mixed grasses, flowers, ferns, shrubs, etc., in which thousands of small animals, insects and birds go about their business. Except for the horrendous black, deer and horse flies, and squadrons of the most persistent mosquitos on the planet, this New Brunswick land is a paradise.

And then on August 18, 2011 Miss "S" struck another pose on the same fence rail. Another few inches of vegetation and we won't be able to see her at all!