Saturday, December 17, 2011

Miss "S" Adds to her Airmiles

When faced with no other choice she takes to air to cross the stream! She might consider starting her leap from the bank rather than in the middle of the water! Jeesh!

No damned way!

Our recent rains collect in low spots on the trails. Miss "S" does not swim. She will either fly over or wait for the fairy to carry her.


The lady conducts surveillance of her domain.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I sit on guard for thee...

Bet you're getting tired of portraits of Miss "S", eh? Well, too bad. The lands around us don't exactly abound with wildlife so this lady provides the entertainment and focal point on the trails.

You've heard of Flying Squirrels...

...well, here's Miss "S" with her aerobatics. Why walk through the cold water in the stream when she can just fly over it?

Elderberry buds have a timing problem

Autumn has been relatively warm this year. Some plants think "sleep time" is over. Boy, are they going to be surprised!

Miss "S" as Pole Cat

I'm not sure whether she considers herself a scarecrow or a real crow, but there she sits, surveying her domain (that she lets us use) waiting for something to dare to move.