Wednesday, December 5, 2012

...said the Spider to the Fly

Here's a little drama... I saw this commotion outside my office window a while ago. Seems a dragonfly's GPS guided the hapless insect smack into this garden spider's web. It only took a minute for the spider to "pacify" the dragonfly, wrap it for transport, and cut it loose from it's moorings. Guess it's stored for winter by now.

We've gotten used to these large, but (supposedly) harmless, arachnids that haunt the eaves that surround our old farmhouse. It's live and let live!

Chunking Up for Winter

Hi folks...
Seems I haven't uploaded anything since the spring. My photo hobby usually runs hot and cool... I'll shoot like mad for a year or two and then go on to other interests. This time, I've discovered woodworking with mostly hand tools. I set up shop in our barn and spend most of my hobby time working on one skill/project or another.

Anyway... found this little critter doing his/her best to devour some winter fuel. The pic is a little dark but then, it was dark!

Hope to be shooting a little more this winter when it's just too darned cold to work with tools in the unheated shop.